Dr. V. George Mathew

Dr.V.George Mathew
Dr.V.George Mathew
Dr.V.George Mathew

Ph.D. Retd. HOD of Department of Psychology, Kariavattom Campus, University of Kerala.
He is the founder of Holigrative Psychology. The Holigrative approach to Psychology is a humanistically oriented system of Psychology that combines modern Psychology with Parapsychology and Psychology of Consciousness as well as ancient Oriental Psychology. He is renowned for his contribution to Parapsychology. More importantly, he is known for his wisdom and his calm humble demeanor. People from various walks of life from different parts of the world approach him to meet him and spend time with him. Many approach him with issues that have a paranormal inclination. He puts them at ease and explains to them what they have experienced. Which in most cases would be the fear in the mind.

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