Emotion Management and Productivity Training Program

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A person’s success or failure in life is not determined by how smart they are, how beautiful they are, how well-spoken they are, or even how well educated they are, the quality that most affects it is their ability to deal with their own Emotions. Are you able to handle the work stress of the modern office environment? Are you able to manage the ups and downs that inevitably happen in every relationship? Are you able to get back up after facing sudden crisis situations like job loss, death in the family, relationship breakups, etc.? How you are able to deal with the challenges in these questions determines how successful and happy a life you end leading. No education system currently prepares people for these challenges and that is where this course comes in.

This is a 10 week/20-hour course that will train you to manage your emotions and relationship better. It will help you get better results out of yourself. The topics covered in each week are as follows. Course cost is 3,500/- Rs.

week 1 session 1 Introduction to the course. What are emotions? Basics of emotion management techniques.
week 2 session 2 Review of lecture, role play, and group discussion
week 3 session 3 Internal conflicts: How they arise and How people deal with them
week 4 session 4 Review of lecture 3, Role Play and Group discussion
week 5 session 5 Self-image, identity, confronting difficult truths, and overcoming cognitive dissonance
week 6 session 6 Motivating and goal setting: Structuring your life
week 7 session 7 What is discipline and how is it necessary to reach your goal?
week 8 session 8 Review, Roleplay, and Group Discussion
week 9 session 9 What is Confidence and how you can build it?
week 10 session 10 Review, Roleplay, and Group Discussion. Final review of classes and feedback session

To join this course please click this link: https://forms.gle/XbQQa2Wb8KLPDR877


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What Will You Learn?

  • Increased ability to handle stress. Greater sense of wellbeing and ability to achieve greater levels of productivity.

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