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Spending time with Friends
Happiness club will offer opportunities to make new friends, network and spend time relaxing.
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Nature get aways
Trips to clear your mind and remind you of the beauty in the world.
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Our goal with Happiness Club is to provide a healthy, family friendly relaxing environment where people can get together, make new friends, spend time with each other, play games, engage in fun activities, enjoy nature and get away from the stress of their daily lives.  
We will host weekly hangout sessions at our offices on the shores of Vellayani Lake. There will be a weekly potluck lunch where each person can bring one dish and everyone will share and eat. Such dinners are a great way to build a sense of friendship and belonging. The venue also offers opportunities for both outdoor and indoor games. You can stay as long as you like and enjoy the lake and the view of hundreds of lotus plants that grow there.
As a part of the club we will also organize general events, workshops, and activities that provide you chances to improve yourself by learning a new skills or engaging in public speaking, etc. We will also collaborate with other organizations and provide you with volunteering options like mentoring underprivileged kids or fundraising for a charity.

We will also try to set up Emotional support groups as necessary to help members better live their lives.

All activities will be voluntary and you can take part in whichever ones make you happy, which is the goal of this club.

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