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Holistic career assessment service to determine a child or adult’s capabilities, talents, and preferences. The data is analyzed using our custom algorithms to determine the best vocational and avocational activities that help them make the most of their innate talents to build a successful career and a happy life. We maintain an extensive library of 580 odd careers and their requirements which places us in a unique position to serve and open your mind to posbilities you might hitherto have no considered.

If you are going through a difficult time period in your life or experiencing mental health issues, we are here to help you. Start your journey with us through therapy towards better mental health and life!

Through life coaching sessions we will help you deal with your issues and challenges. We will help you understand the nature of emotions and how they arise. We will train you in emotion management techniques so that you never get overwhelmed by emotions. We will help you identify your core personality traits and through a systematic approach help you build meaning in your life.

Courses we offer

Emotions Management Crash Course

Emotion Management Crash Course

Do you control your Emotions, or do they run your life? Do you wish you could manage stress, anger, anxiety, SADNESS, Sexual attraction, etc. better? Join our Emotion management CRASH course and learn to manage your Feelings better.

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Comprehensive Life Education Program

Have you wondered Why? What is the point of all this struggle? Why am I doing all this? Why should I study, work, marry, or do anything? Find the answers you were always seeking, Join our Comprehensive Life Education Program to learn the secrets to a happy living.

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Our Core Team

Parasuram Thampi

Parasuram Thampi -

Founder, Lead Researcher, Author, and
Social Entrepreneur

Parasuram Thampi is an Author, Social Entrepreneur, and the founder and lead researcher at the Centre for Happiness Studies and Research. Parasuram Thampi holds a bachelor’s in Applied Computing and a PGDM in International Development from Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. He ran a software start up for five years before deciding to focus on social endeavors. His recent research work in the form a practical guide on emotional management is titled “Stop Fighting with Yourself and Move Upwards” and is expected to launch globally by April 2021.

Sreedevi Ram Kamal -

Clinical Psychologist, Course Coordinator, and Researcher

Sreedevi Ram Kamal is a registered Clinical psychologist, Course coordinator, and researcher at the Centre for Happiness Studies and Research. She holds 2nd rank in Kerala University MSc Applied Psychology 2015. She then completed her MPhil in Clinical psychology from SRM Institute of Science and Technology with a gold medal in 2018. She did research work on mental health concepts existing in India in collaboration with Demontfort University, Leicester, UK, and is a practicing clinical psychologist. 

Sreedevi Ram Kamal Psychologist



We focus on surviving. When we start surviving, we start looking for what is next. That is when we start looking inwards, precisely, more attention to what is going on with us. Now why is that?

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Being Comfortable with yourself

Have you experienced your body fully? Comfortably? Without looking at it and think if I lost some weight or gained some, if I was longer or shorter? I doubt people of the same weight look the same. We have our own signature appearance even if we dress like any other person we come across. Isn’t it honorable enough to accept it?

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