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  • What?

In one sentence our goal is to help people to become the best versions of themselves.

We intend to take emotional education to the masses so that each and every human being on this planet can rise to their potential and live a happy fulfilled life.

  • Why?

If you analyze most of the problems in the world, you will find that at their core is the human inability to manage their emotions. I know at first glance that sounds crazy but think about it, what is pollution and global warming if not an expression of uncontrolled greed and apathy? What is war and violence, if not an expression of greed, hate, and apathy? What is sexual violence, if not the inability to manage lust and anger? Teaching people to control their emotions is the key to building a happier, safer, and more prosperous world for everyone.

  • How?

Through our emotional education programs delivered through offline and online courses, we intend to change people’s relationships with their emotions. Most people’s relationship with their emotions is like their relationship with air and water. To lead a healthy life people’s relationship with their emotions should be closer to their relationship with chocolate than air or water. No one can live without air or water but chocolate is something can choose to indulge in or not.

We also actively intervene in the social discourse through campaigns and talks delivered in schools, colleges, offices, and public avenues. The first campaign we are doing is the “Alcohol is Not Cool” campaign. The campaigns focus on spreading awareness of emotional education such as anger and stress management and in discouraging socially prevalent harmful behaviors such as alcohol consumption, drug consumption, irresponsible sexual activity, etc.

Our third and equally important focus areas is the research of psychological and social phenomena that affect people’s well-being. While there has been a lot of progress made in our understanding of the human mind, there still remains a lot of unsettled questions. For instance, it might surprise you to learn that even a basic question like what is emotion is not a settled question. CHSR is conducting research into many of these unanswered or unsettled topics in order to further human understanding of consciousness so that the individual can human chart a path to happiness certain in his knowledge of where it leads.

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