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Can you drive a car without knowing what a car is? By the same logic can you truly be happy if you don’t know what happiness is? People think happiness is high marks in an exam, it is winning that competition, it is having a great job, it is having the perfect husband or wife. People chase all these things marks, competitions, job, fame, perfect partner, and spend most of their life bored, unhappy, or even downright miserable. Happiness is none of these things. I know it sounds crazy and it is contrary to everything you have been told all your life but ask yourself this, were the people telling you truly happy?

We study mathematics, we study science, study language, we even study novels but we never study emotions, we never study where people go wrong in life, we never learn about the struggles and pitfalls of work, relationships, friendship, etc. Even though it is the inability to manage emotions and everyday issues that screws up most people’s lives, we don’t teach that to our kids unless they chose to be psychologists and even then it leaves much to be desired.

We at CHSR are about researching, learning, and educating people on all the little problems that we see in our daily lives but which left unmanaged eventually become the big problems that shake societies and nation. From stress to greed, from loneliness to lust, our inability to manage our emotions, our inability to understand our psychological needs drive all problems. From alcohol and drug abuse to greed-driven wars between nations, all stem from unhappy people trying to find some way to manage their lives.

Join our courses at Center for Happiness Studies and Research, learn to manage your life and emotions better. Learn about the small small things that make a happy life. Learn and become a change agent yourself, share your knowledge, and let us together build a happier life for you and a happier society for your children.

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