Sanjana Ravi Kumar

Sanjana Ravi Kumar

I am a dentist from India specialized in endodontics and oral aesthetics and over the past 10 years have immersed myself in the various aspects of health provision as a clinician, an academician, a researcher, and an advocate. Apart from navigating serpentine molar root canals, I have a penchant for alternative fiction and a fair share of mental peregrinations. Three years ago, I decided to explore my eclectic interests and embarked on a Masters in Global Health at Karolinska. For my practicum, I explored the perception of art-based interventions for patients with psychosis using a qualitative method as the basis for the implementation of research in a community health setting in Kerala. This helped my foray into the exciting arena of health humanities and ethnographic research. I’m currently involved in an ESRC funded project in India that aims at improving mental literacy using an innovative theatre methodology and plan to juggle my careers in clinical dentistry and mental health research.

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