Openness- a mindset to growth

A spring when twisted and turned it goes back to its same shape. You see it maintain it shape and tension. You don’t see growth, you see sameness till it rust and wither away. If you want to see growth look at the seedling that grows into a tree. It pushes open its seed pod and pushes into the soil. It keeps making space as it grows. That is growth. You need to push open those comfort pods in order to grow.

Openness is a mindset. Being open makes you receptive to things around you. Of course there are things that makes you want to withdraw because of the discomfort or distress it causes. But without something distressing to push us we don’t move forward. It gives you the drive to push forward- that additional thrust you require to keep going.

What does it mean to be open? To have an open mindset means to approach life as if you are experiencing it for the first time. To approach everything from a curious and welcoming mindset even if it is challenging. Learning happens well when you approach everything from this mindset.

Another thing is the readiness to make changes when you find out what you believe or do is not working. Readiness to change and adapt is part of being open. The flexibility to change is a key aspect when it comes to openness.

Why do you need an open mindset? Why not stay closed and same? Well it is a choice. If you have the desire to grow be and better version of yourself you may need to be open to changes. Growth comes with change. A seedling remaining as a seedling cannot be called a tree unless it adapt growth related changes. It is case with us humans as well in life.

Open mindset is a learner’s mindset, best way to learn from life and apply the changes you have come through it. Openness is part of what the Zen calls the beginner’s mindset. Approaching everything in life with out preconceived notions or conditions you can adapt quickly to changes and learn easily from experience since there is no mindset barrier to receiving the information.

We are all life long students. In order to develop we need to learn how. Staying open makes the process more fruitful and worthwhile.

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Kala Das.L
Kala Das.L
9 months ago

Nicely expressed.
Keep up the open mind ..

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