How to overcome change?

There is one thing constant in this changing world- change! How comfortable are you with change? How much do you wish for constancy?

Is discomfort a bad thing? If we don’t feel discomfort would we move towards change? How often do we see the direction of change when we respond or react to discomfort?

These are some questions that I have been pondering on. Is discomfort bad? What do you think?

If we touch a hot plate and we don’t feel discomfort will our fingers burn? If the discomfort of the burning hasn’t been experienced will our fingers survive?

Discomfort is not bad. It is a message for the need of change. At least towards a functional direction.

A seed pod breaks down as a seedling appear. A cocoon breaks down and the larvae painfully transforms into a butterfly. Of course these are colorful examples with glorious results.

What if I say sum of discomfort doesn’t add up to the glory of change? Sometimes we go through a series of unfortunate experience. Does it mean we are not heading the right direction? Of course the question then arise what is right and what is wrong? How do we know the universe has a plan or there just a series of events in which some survive and some lost in the process?

If this is where the truth lies do we really need to give importance happenings in life and label them good or bad? How about just experiencing them and let it go?

Let me tell you there will be a strange phenomena that will occur once you let go of these labels and musts and dos- it is called peace. Peace with change.

Now decide for yourself if you want to cling to comfort and discomfort label or just experience life as it is?

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