What motivates you to go forward in life?

What do you want most in life? Pleasure? Praise? Recognition? Love? Acceptance? What is it that you chase through out in your life?

Everyone is driven by something and yet many of us are unaware of what it is. Sometimes we may know but we are not willing to accept. Some experience shame and others never acknowledge the fact.

Let us keep it clear. We all have basic needs. There are many things that drive us to do things or keep us motivated to do things. It usually cluster around physical needs, emotional needs and social needs. Think about it.

Maybe we have multiple things that drive us to keep going forward. Desire is a strong force that fuel your motivation to move forward or lets say complete a task. We all have desires. Even the person who identifies purely as spiritual also have desires. Identification is basically the need for the ego to attach to something or be part of something to fuel it.

How to identify what motivates you? Self- observation is key to understand what we are in different situation. Combined with honesty it provides accurate results. Your ego can bend the results if you are driven by your unconscious belief patterns, specially approval of being raw and honest is feared or looked down upon.

Recognizing it is the first step. Maintain a diary regarding different activities specially about how you do the task, how long you have taken, were your procrastinating, how well you done the task, what was the consequences of the task including the outcome and personal feelings towards it and what was the intention that really get you going to do the task.

Find that out. Over a month you will able to sample well what drives you to do a task successfully. Give it a try if you struggle with productivity. Remember one month is arbitrary you can take more than one month to assess.

We all have a set of motivating factors that lead us to reaching our goals. Once we identify it form a flexible plan with specific and achievable small steps to reach the goal.

Do failure demotivate you? If so, look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. A beginner’s mindset widens are curiosity and openness to try doing things even if you are unsure of the outcome. A beginner’s mindset is the openness and curiosity through which you face situations as if for the first time and approach it like a student.

Life moves forward when it is fueled by the desire to take action.

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