Overcoming fear

Fear is an emotion. Emotion is a communication from your unconscious mind regarding something on how to approach it. Fear is the feeling of caution and associated discomfort about something new, unknown or uncertain. It is a natural alarm bell to make sure you survive.

Now this alarm bell or give it any emotion we feel is evolved on the level of basic survival and reproduction. It just scans and see if something is known if yes it ask you to proceed irrespective of the consequence.

I guess you can see what happens if make your choice to follow what the emotions convey. I am not saying it is not entirely wrong and some people have very evolved emotional capacity because they training their unconscious to see the rational. It only comes with practice and experience.

Well this is the same with fear. You don’t need to choose what fear says to act upon. You can choose to react or respond with rational decision it is your choice but remember it is a choice.

There maybe activities in your life that you enjoy but afraid to proceed. The only thing holding you back is your fear. Why do you need to choose to react when what you choose is based on a false alarm?

Live your life not your fear.

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