Parenting: Art of development

Parenting is an art. It is also a science. It is a skill. It is also a life style. Now, I don’t need to emphasis the importance of parenting and yet I am.

Just think about it your child is a nation’s asset. If you really look from a long term perspective you have the duty to nurture and train your children to be future citizens of the country. How you train on a daily basis and how you teach them love and respect has a lot to do how they will treat their country.

Resentment is a common problem. If we look at most of us there will be a resentment we carry from our childhood. It translates into different attitudes and behaviors that affect others. From looking down upon your heritage to terrorism is a good example how resentment has grown in you since childhood.

If you want your child to grow into a loving and productive citizen it has to start from how you show it to them. I am not here to say you don’t. All I am saying that it is significant to show love and respect to a child no matter what. Yes tough love handles certain challenges in short term but in long term the feeling of loved needs to be implanted in them.

Role of a parent is to love, nurture and train your child to be independent as they grow into adults. A duck teaches its duckling to waddle in water. A hen trains its chick how to catch a worm. Being human, it is a life long lesson on how to live life. A parent’s role is there till the death of the child, you need as long as they are alive.

The blame game and the guilt tripping is carried into their psyche and they start torturing themselves as well as others. A resentment is sure to sprout. Why do you want that for your child. Do them a favor, be straightforward and honest but with expressed love. It will help them develop a healthy psyche, personality and strong character.

Any parent that stem from respect and love is a successful. One that stem from punishment and ego can affect your child in a serious way. You need to tell them daily you love them. They won’t take advantage of you. All they need from you is love and acceptance. Once they know they will get they will comply, they don’t need to play tricks to get it or rebel for not giving it. It is a simple logic but a long path. There are no shortcuts to successful parenting but there is a long one and it is rewarding. You too grow with them as an individual. As you parent them you parent yourself too. Teach to treat themselves with love happens only when you genuinely show how lovingly you treat yourself and others.

Our children are valuable to the world. They build are world and help it continue. If our world needs to thrive they need generations that come with love and responsibility and put in effort to evolve the world.

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