The need to find your place in the universe

Why do you need to find your place in the universe? Why not simply exist? I can see a discomfort arising. Why is it so difficult to do nothing? It is quite difficult to do nothing because at the bare minimum you are breathing and all your bodily functions are running. You are existing.

Now amidst the chaos of constant change and the flux constant struggle we may need to find some sanity. Right? That is why we try to find our way in the universe and know why we are here. Of course we are here to exist but that is not enough for many of us. We need a special role and set out path in the uncertain world.

You may find many people speak about destiny. I don’t know if this exist but it gives us a sense of direction, a sense of purpose for existing in this universe.

Like simply existing we need reason for simply struggling. Existence comes with a price- struggle and it happens because we are constantly changing. Existing is not a stationary thing it is a dynamic process that involves creation, perseverance and destruction. Well why is that? Growth and transformation occurs through this process.

So why do we need to find our place in the universe? To make sense of our struggle in life so we keep some sanity during uncertainty. It is as simple as that. If I disappoint you for not pep talking about the great destiny ahead I am sorry I am not here to paint your glass rosy. I am here to clear it as broad as day light.

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