How to overcome anxiety

What does it mean to experience anxiety? Are we forward looking? How do we look forward? Well, that will tell you exactly if you are anxious or not.

If you experience time crunch all the time. Obsessing over what will happen next or in future to a point where you can’t sleep, say focus on tasks in the moment or simply get sweaty and restless I think you may be experiencing something called anxiety. Well, it is more common than you think and these are not the only signs that the experience of anxiety show itself.

You might come across some angry people. Always on the crunch. Well they are chasing time so they won’t be left behind. Reason- they are afraid of being left behind in the future.

Yes, anxiety has many faces and one of them is anger.

Let’s talk about how to overcome anxiety. Anxiety is the uncomfortable nagging fear about what will happen in future, it is always about the assumption of what will happen. Being aware of that gnawing feeling of anxiety or the subtle unease that has crept under your skin is the first step. Look at the situation you were in and what is currently happening in your life. You may see a relation.

Well, not exactly the way you think, of course it can be but usually it is rather distant than you think. You can see those thoughts coming in. That is where you need to follow next. Usually it ends up some belief that you have that doesn’t have any rational to explain why it is linked to the situation- yes, irrational belief aka thought error 404.

this is where your work begins. Find the root of where it all began. Try to process the circumstance in which it had been formed. Usually it is a parent who has similar belief system and you just threaded along. But if it is a life altering event, you may have to sit down and process it unless you want these beliefs following you around.

Your task is to recognize your emotional self is trying to convey to you the uncertainty it is experiencing and it is from your part that is to assure it you can take care of it on event of any circumstance.

Also it is important to recognize the futility of trying to make everything predictable and certain when it is not the case in reality. Accepting life as it is and recognizing you are your first confidant is essential.

Why should you process your past and belief system? Many of these lay dormant and pop their heads up on circumstances that has a similar nature or probability. After all the emotional self only matches not analyze the circumstance. So it is your part to consciously process it for it.

Meditation is a good practice to develop self awareness. It teaches you to observe your self as a witness. If you experience more than you can take in you could also seek professional help or get in to some coaching class or webinars.

Catching yourself at the moment of anxiety is the key to hold it on track. Resisting or playing with it strengthens it but just letting it be and observe it as a witness you can see it wane away. This is the key to managing any emotion so is for anxiety. It comes with practice. Taking support and guidance might make this journey easier.

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