Being Comfortable with yourself

Have you experienced your body fully? Comfortably? Without looking at it and think if I lost some weight or gained some, if I was longer or shorter? I doubt people of the same weight look the same. We have our own signature appearance even if we dress like any other person we come across. Isn’t it honorable enough to accept it?

Same goes with our mind and abilities. It is proportionate enough for your survival. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grow or change as long as you uncover yourself fully in all aspects. More importantly as long as it is healthy and functional.

We need to think about it. We may like a style or certain elements of body shape, color or structure. We try to emulate it so we can have it with us to enjoy. Just think about it. Sometimes it doesn’t suit us, and we feel disappointed and dissatisfied with our body. We blame it for not being the right canvas for the style. Are we looking at our body all the time to experience it. I guess not, unless you are to look at a mirror all the time. Unlikely.

Looking at body is different from experiencing it. We are kind of disconnected from experiencing our body and mind because there are things, we don’t want to look at it as it is less pleasurable. I don’t mean not to enjoy things around us or styles. What I am trying to say is you don’t need to acquire them to enjoy it. What do you think?

As we talk about body, let us talk about mind. Most of the time we look outside and try to ignore it because we are ashamed of it or it is painful to look at. To just look at. Change should be about uncovering our self completely and experiencing them as functionally as possible.

By experience I don’t mean to indulge, I only mean to flow along with it. Just go along. It is about the journey of having a body, mind and a world around you. Experiencing yourself also includes experiencing the world around you, the people around you. It is like looking at a mirror. We only see what resides within. In other reflect our perceptions, beliefs and attitude in understanding the outer world.

As long as you are healthy, functional and contributing to the outer world why does it matter how do we look, think and act.

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