We focus on surviving. When we start surviving, we start looking for what is next. That is when we start looking inwards, precisely, more attention to what is going on with us. Now why is that?

Let us be real. Life is a cold, harsh reality, it is about doing this or that, then you survive. But what keeps us going? What makes a honeybee collect pollen unknowingly while sucking in the nectar? It is the beauty of the flowers and fragrance. Life needs beauty to sustain. What keeps the bee going from flower to flower, is the same with humans too. The beauty in the small things, in us brings our attention to what we do and sustain it. It is not easy to keep repeating work when it is cold and harsh, dry and boring. Very rarely, there are some, with sheer force of will and determination, keep going but it does sustain them in the long term as well. At some point seeing the beauty in what we do provides the warmth and comfort we all yearn for. Who doesn’t? Those who deny this, and you can see them deny their suffering as well. They suffer like rest of us and seek comfort in something. At the end it is about survival, right? Beauty helps us to keep continuing like the bees that frequently visit the flower.

Now, there will be some of us who think why be in this honeybee matrix trapped by some flower. The point is if survival is required it only happens as a system or collective so plants can’t keep giving, they need to reproduce as well if they must continue giving. Similarly, it is the same with each species and things. Even the elements can continue in the give and take relation. The world is a collective that moves in a synchronized pattern, to survive and to survive in the long term we need to change and grow. Basically, evolve.

This is where self-discovery comes in. To grow you need to know what you are growing, like how you do a vegetable garden. You need to understand what your nature is and what kind of a person is and what means of doing work for you to function and thrive.

I suppose you have read this far because you understood the need for self-discovery, it is a step to grow and survive. It is a cycle survive grow decay survive grow… Here is a small exercise to aid you in your journey:

  1. Where am I focusing my energy?
  2. How well is my energy used?
  3. What drains my energy?
  4. What do I want to do?
  5. Where do I want to do in long term?
  6. Where do I want to be in long term?
  7. How can I make what I do sustainable and successful long term?
  8. How can I make my activities fulfilling?
  9. What are the activities I am throwing off?
  10. What are the activities I am keeping?
  11. What are the activities I am adding?
  12. How do I make a framework for my life path?
  13. What are my challenges?
  14. What am I strong in?

I do not say this completes your self-discovery, but it will inspire you to start one. I wish you a good journey in the land of self-discovery.

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