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Holistic career assessment service to determine a child or adult’s capabilities, talents, and preferences. The data is analyzed using our custom algorithms to determine the best vocational and avocational activities that help them make the most of their innate talents to build a successful career and a happy life.

We offer one of the most accurate tests on the market

At 98% accuracy our tests provide best value for money. Hardisha Career Aptitude Assessment is  based on the research conducted on 100s of students. We analyzed their career interests to establish broad based commonalities which were later mapped on to career categories. Career categories are collections of careers involving similar requirements and activities. Based on your score on those career categories we make specific career suggestions and as stated earlier we have thus far succeeded in achieving 98% accuracy with our adaptive algorithms.   

Parasuram Thampi delivering talk on Emotion Management to Entreprenuership students at SreeKrishna Devaraya University 2
Comprehensive Life Education Program

Take advantage of our large Career Library

You can explore our careers library for free to learn more about each career option. Each career page features information on what each career entails, the work hours involved, working conditions, the earning potential, etc. The information has been collected based on interviews with people involved in these professions. 

We maintain an extensive library of 580 odd careers and their requirements, placing us in a unique position to serve you and open your mind to possibilities you might not have considered.

Connect With Our Young Passionate Career Counsellors

Our career counsellors are passionate about helping you or your loved ones find the right path in life. They understand the needs and thinking of young people and can relate to the youth better. 

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