Comprehensive Aptitude Assement Pro

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Holistic career assessment service to determine a child or adult’s capabilities, talents, and preferences. The data is analyzed using our custom algorithms to determine the best vocational and avocational activities that help them make the most of their innate talents to build a successful career and a happy life.

Why you should purchase our test.


  • We maintain an extensive library of 580 odd careers and their requirements, placing us in a unique position to serve you and open your mind to possibilities you might not have considered.
  • We are the only career assessment test on the market that actively compensates for temporary Emotional biases. Your career is something that will shape your life over the long term, whether you are feeling sad or happy today shouldn’t determine your decades to come
  • Our test is customized, considering socio-cultural factors, and is not simply a copy of tests developed for foreign countries decades ago.

What does Comprehensive Aptitude Assessment Offer?

  • In the normal version,
  • Unlike with the Lite version, your results will be reviewed manually before being emailed to you
  • You will able to access to our full algorithm and all questions in test
  • You will get the benefit of our full career library
  • You will get one offline or online career counseling session with our counselors
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