Survey of Teachers for development of Value Curriculum

Survey of Teachers for development of Value Curriculum
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Value Survey
This survey is for teachers to give their views on the values that drive today's students. The challenges they face with students and how any shortcomings in values can be addressed so that students can be prepared for challenges of the real world. All answers you give here will be confidential and will not be shared with third party.

1. What do values means to you?

2. Do you conduct any value based teaching? Yes/no. If yes, how do you include values into your teaching plans?

3. Do you observe the needs for value education among your students?

4. What are the challenges you face with students in terms of value system?

5. Why do you think these problems are coming?

6. What do you think parents role in education is and how can a school engage with parents?

7. How do you envision the value based curriculum to be made?

8. Are there any concerns regarding the implementation and integration of the value based curriculum?

9. What values would you like to see taught to students?

10. How are the values of today's students different from when you were studying? Please include which year you were in school or college.

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