Why is it necessary to be intentional?

Why do we need to be intentional? Even when we eat we need to be intentional with every bite. Why?

This leads us to the question what is intention? Intention is the conscious effortful focus and mindset you apply when you act upon.

So it comes to the question why do we need to be intentional while eating? The conscious and effortful action communicates to your body nutrition is supplied. This helps in effective digestion and supply of nutrition. Lets say it also helps effectively convey when to stop eating. It is essential to convey when to stop eating. Now knowing when the satiety point is crucial to come to effective digestion. You know it after you watch something interesting while eating you end up discomfort or pain in the stomach and comment “ate too much”. Yes, then a serious of indigestion related experiences come in. You know it very well or at least many of us do.

Now why do I need to talk about intention. Any action we take has a consequence or let us say an outcome. It is a choice how you want to act upon in expectance certain outcome takes place.

Being intentional has many benefits specially when you work. Making conscious choices happen when you set the intention to. Otherwise it is just a set of unconscious driven action. Sometimes it turn alright sometimes it may not but most importantly like undigested food it stays unprocessed in your mind. Let us say your conscious mind does the digesting the information process. It is easy to guess what happens if you don’t process what has happened during an event or an action taken. You keep getting leaks in your behaviors, dreams and thought patterns. All it does is convey the need to process but comes out in desperation.

Now this is about what happens internally if you are not intentional in your actions. Let us look at how it affects the world around us.

There is one word for it- chaos, an unorderly one. Of course, no matter chaos is needed if change needs to emerge but there is always a pattern, a symphony to it. This is not like that- it can be disharmonious.

Every act has a consequence. If you act without intentions the outcome comes out unpredictable. You struggle to accommodate the changes it come with. Now if you act with intention even if the outcome is unpredictable you are prepared to accommodate the changes. Less subjective experience of struggle.

Imagine the world being an intentional place. We can see a lot of difference in the way it functions.

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