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Every emotion has a physical reaction that is triggered as a result of it, these are called psychosomatic responses. The tightening of the chest when you are sad, the butterflies in your stomach when you are in love, the feeling of lightness when you are happy, those are psychosomatic responses. People usually only become aware of these physical sensations when they experience a strong emotion because the reactions are strong as well. However, every emotion has a physical response, even if you are not aware of it.

Psychosomatic responses, therefore, provide us with a great way of knowing how our emotional-self really feels about something. The technique will be described in a step-by-step manner, but over time, as you use this technique, you may not need to follow each step every time. The key is to determine what psychosomatic response you are feeling at that moment. Whether an individual will need to act out on these emotions every time depends entirely on the sensitivity of that individual. The technique is as follows:

Step 1: Take a deep breath

Step 2: Feel each breath moving down your throat into your chest, filling your lungs.

Step 3: Similarly follow each exhale.

Step 4: Observe what is happening in your body as it is, is there a tightening of the chest, do you feel a lightness, etc.

Using these 4 simple steps, you can figure out how you truly feel at any moment, about any topic, person, or object. Keep in mind, awareness of a feeling doesn’t mean you have to act out that feeling. Feeling something simply means that your unconscious Emotional-self considers a particular incident, person or thing is capable of bringing an emotional response. Emotion is simply the unconscious conveying to you what makes sense evolutionarily through chemical release in your brain. Whether that particular assessment of your unconscious is a valid judgment is something you should consciously determine by thinking rationally. Reacting emotionally every time will simply lead your life in the wrong direction, and will make your life more chaotic and stressful. Being aware of what you feel is the first step in dealing with those feelings logically, effectively, and not letting them overwhelm your process of making rational decisions.

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