Practices for healthy mind

Mental health practices are practices that inculcate habits and activities that promote mental well-being and prevent mental health diseases. Why is mental health practices essential?

Habit of self-educating about various mental processes is a basic practice that helps one to take care of one’s mental health. There are various sources available online. You can even visit a mental health professional to receive psychoeducation or take a short term psychology course.

The next practice that forms the basis of a healthy mental health practice is self- awareness. Spending atleast 10 minutes daily to introspect and deal various issues and dysfunctional patterns in you can prevent you from developing mental health diseases. Introspection is the process focusing inward or into our own self. There are various ways in which it can be done. Meditation, meditative exercises such as yoga, journaling or simple activities like walking and reflecting quietly.

These activities are said to prevent the side effects of stress and cut short the duration of stress. Prolonged stress has various side effects that leads to physical and mental health issues.

Mind and body are linked. One effects the other. Taking care of our basic needs like nutrition, sleep and hydration is essential to prevent disorders like depression and anxiety.

The need to belong and a sense of community is another necessity for human beings. Developing a close knit supportive community is key to mental well-being. This community may or may not comprise of family, friends,neighbors and other well- wishers.

Providing meaning or sense to our struggle can benefit us by helping us develop resilience. Developing reselience is key to preventing various disorders like depression, anxiety and psychosis. It also helps us deal with stress effectively.

If you feel you are struggling mentally or emotionally always consult a mental health professional or like minded support community for help and support. Seeking help is a brave think to do rather wasting precious moments in your life.

Spiritual pursuit is an activity that is seen to provide mental well-being and help an individual grow. This may vary from person to person. Educating your mind on various perspectives will help you develop healthy mindset which is the corner stone for healthy thought patterns and beliefs.

Being in nature has proven various health benefits including calming and de-stressing. Find some time once in a week to spend time at a nearby garden or beach. If you have a forest nearby visit there once in a while if it is safe. Growing plant is also a practical way to bring nature close to you. Spend sometime with the plants daily if you can.

Engage in activities that gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It may be hobbies or life goals or your passion. A sense of purposeful action always keeps your mind active.

Find cultural practices that involve the mind actively like art practices, debates, discussions or discourses. Try to be part of it. At minimum try to engage yourself cognitively by doing puzzles. Learn something new everyday. You can slow down aging of the mind and prevent early onset of dementia.

Mental health practices vary from person to person. However, these are basic mental health practices that can help you mantain optimal mental functioning.

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